Religion and the War of Hate

My heart is heavy as I begin to think about this post. It was only a week ago when three Muslim students were murdered at the University of North Carolina. The innocent lives of these young students were taken and all because of a hate crime. It is sad that we are living in a country where freedom of religion is addressed, but murder for these religious differences are still happening. The three killed were Muslim, but religious affiliation does not change a person. These people were educated, successful, happy, and human. And no human should have to live in fear of being killed for a belief.

I have this strong desire to travel, and not just to go to beautiful islands in the Caribbean or London or Rome. I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone. I want to study in India. Travel to India. Make a difference in communities in Cambodia and Egypt. I find other cultures and especially other religions fascinating. Religion is of such importance to me and I love knowing that others are so passionate about their beliefs. No one should have to hide from prayer, keep secret their God, or disown their church in fear of being killed.

7 comentarios sobre “Religion and the War of Hate

  1. You are right! It is sad that people judge others only for their faiths. Everyone should respect different kinds of religion. But I think that people should not assert religion too much. Someone does not believe in anything and we have to respect him too. Believing in something is really nice but it can move to fanaticism and then there are sort of problems. Disagreements, murders and other horrible things. My opinion is: If you go to some country, you should respect their religion and do not assert your opinions and your kind of belief.
    It is amazing that you want to know other cultures and religion. In today´s world it is really unusual. People are interested only in themselves and they do not care about these things. I hope your plan about travelling becomes reality. Who knows, maybe we will see there your articles about religion in India in the future.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree. Religion should be respected. I value my own religion but would never judge anyone with a different belief. It is funny that you mention that about India. I actually just got accepted to travel over to India within the next year and a half. I am very excited.

  2. there is no real winner in any war. people fight for beliefs,some is for religion even with their death.they think their life is worth. everyone feels sad for the causality.

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