Romanticism and Honor

The concept of Romanticism includes many features, and those that are most important are nature, individualism, and an interest in Roman or Greek mythology. Romanticism is not just a concept, but the sum of many smaller concepts. In «El Monte de las Animas» by Becquer, setting and nature are very important to the story. In the story of Poe’s «The Masque of the Red Death,» there is an emphasis on the individual and the dark concept of death. Romanticism covers it all, and is the style of many very famous writers. In short, Romanticism has no limits; as a concept, it can be extended and live forever.

This photograph has many aspects of Romanticism. In the background, behind the American soldiers, there are trees and vegetation, which relates to the part of Romanticism of nature. While there are U.S. soldiers in the picture, the emphasis is on an individual, the Vietnamese soldier. A large part of Romanticism is this individualism, and the photo is focused on the soldier who died. A Romantic hidden aspect of this picture is the connection to Greek or Roman mythology. In the story, «The Iliad,» Achilles dragged the body of his enemy Hector through sand, in revenge for the death of Patroclus. The picture is similar to the story of Achilles, and Romantic writers are known for their mythological references. The concept of death is also important because people die in many of Bécquer’s stories. In «The Rose of Passion» by Bécquer, Sara dies and then: «Digging in this place and trying to inquire into the source of the blast, adding that the skeleton of a woman was found and buried with her divine attributes as many as Flower had. » Also in this event there is a reference to nature with the flower. Another concept in the photo and the story «The Oval Portrait» by Edgar Allan Poe is this of honor. Pictured, American soldiers are besmirching the honor of the dead soldier. In the story, honor is very important to the painter: «But he, the painter, Took glory in His Work, Which Went on from hour to hour, and from day to day» (Poe, 2). Another instance showing honor is in the story of «The Moonbeam.» Manrique wants to find love, and with love comes honor. The honor is very important in the lives of all people. It is the recognition of others by their ability or achievement. No matter the year or location; honor is special. The picture shows how soldiers may violate honor. More than in the war, the importance of honor is decreasing. We need to save the honor; no matter whether American or Vietnamese or another.

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