What is Art 艺术的形式

Drawings, music, and sculptures – these are all common and traditional art that people usually consider when they think of art. These art forms are either gorgeous or shocking so that the audiences are able to feel some idea, or some emotions within the work. Clearly the artists dedicated themselves in express their view on the world through their works. However, does art have to be as gorgeous and untouchable as those traditional arts that being placed behind a line in museums? The answer is negative. Art is a tool, a beautiful one, for the creators to communicate with others. It is a carrier of ideas. Therefore, almost anything can be art as long as it carries some idea that the creator wants to share to others, such as video games. To many people’s consideration, games are merely for fun, but actually they are definitely arts because they carry specific themes, reflect culture, and build on interactions between players.

往往当人们想到艺术时,总是联想到绘画, 音乐以及雕塑。这些艺术形式或者华丽,或者震撼,让观众能够在作品中感受到一些想法和一些情感。显然,艺术家们致力于通过他们的作品表达他们对世界的看法。然而,艺术是否一定要像那些陈列在博物馆里的传统艺术一样华丽而触不可及呢?答案是否定的。艺术是一种工具,一种美丽的工具,让创作者与他人交流。它是思想的载体。因此,几乎任何东西都可以成为艺术,只要它带有一些创作者想要分享给其他人的想法,比如电子游戏。在许多人看来,游戏只是为了好玩,但实际上它们绝对是艺术的一种形式,因为它们带有特定的主题,反映文化,以及建立在玩家之间的互动之上。


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