Immigration and Independence

Immigration of both illegal and legal immigrants has brought down crime rates in America. Between 1990 and 2012, crime fell by 45% in the United States, in part because of the increase of incarceration. It is also shown that cities that welcomed immigrants, put into place anti-segregation policies, and promoted economic revitalization in poor neighborhoods had reduced crime compared to places that treated immigrants as outsiders. By welcoming them and helping to integrate them into society, it gave them the independence they needed to start their new life in the new country. They’re able to go out and find a job and just live their life because as Alejandro Tarre says, immigrants believe more in the American dream than Americans do. Now, with the elections coming up, the amount of immigrants in America could drastically change. It is possible that a lot of immigrants could be deported and others not allowed to enter the United States. This could cause crime rates to rise again because there won’t be the sense of community working together to integrate the immigrants into society. When the communities work together and have lower crime rates, it attracts wealthy individuals which then in turn attracts investors. With local governments implementing different policies to create a better, happier community overall the investors will give money to them for further improving the community. Allowing immigrants into the country and integrating them into our society so that they are able to become independent and provide for their families benefits the community as a whole.


Tarre, Alejandro. «Tribuna | ¿Han Contribuido Los Inmigrantes a La Caída Del Crimen En EE UU?» EL PAÍS. Síguenos En Síguenos En Twitter Síguenos En Facebook Síguenos En Twitter Síguenos En Instagram, 29 Sept. 2016. Web.

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