Write Your Story by Samantha Marinelli

The world revolves around who we think we are.

Bu who am I?

And who are you?

And where are we?

And where are we going?

What are we going to do if we do not know who we are?

Will the world stop?

Will life stop?

What will we do?

We will imagine.

Each day we imagine and we create who we will be.

There are questions that we ask ourselves every day.

They are answered by the voices within ourselves.

We have the questions.

We have the answers.

We have the power to be who we want to be.

We use our imaginations.

We can change into whoever we want to be.

Imagination helps us.

It helps me understand who I am.

It helps you understand who you are.

It helps us find our own paths.

It tells us where to go.

It tells us what to do.

We tell ourselves through our own minds.

We write our stories.

Nobody else  can do it for us.

There are seven billion different people.

There are seven billion different stories.

They are many more than seven billion ideas.

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