What I learned in Spanish

20 things I have learned during the last 4 years in Spanish:

  1. You cannot memorize a whole script in one night
  2. How to ride a horse
  3. How to make sangria
  4. Travelling with friends is the best way to travel
  5. How to salsa
  6. I can’t dance salsa
  7. The Irish know how to PARTY
  8. Frida Kahlo was a badass
  9. Tapas are AMAZING
  10. SPF 30 is not sufficient for my pale skin
  11. Don’t mail letters to god
  12. If your mother sews you a new dress and buys you new shoes, don’t go chasing after giant frogs
  13. sYMBoliSM
  14. France will always crush Iceland in soccer
  15. Harrison Ford is real
  16. Memes will ALWAYS be funny
  17. Spanglish is great
  18. Gasolina is the definitive best song to dance to
  19. You will never be successful when shopping in Spain at 3 pm
  20. You always need someone in your life to rub aloe on your back after getting the worst sunburn of your life ❤


Thank you all for an amazing 4 years! Catch you on the flip side!




2 comentarios sobre “What I learned in Spanish

  1. AHHH estoy llorando :(( me extrañar ese viaje mucho y todos de las memorias y nuestras bromas privadas hiceme reír y les recuerdóme todas cosas que hicimos. Me amo su lista de cosas aprendiste porque entiendo les de nuestra viaje en España.También me gusta todos sus fotos también. Te espero que tengas un buen tiempo en su colegio y yo se que tienes un brillante futura enfrente de ti!

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