The Joy I Found In Baking

I never loved art as much as other kids growing up. Even if they weren’t great at it, most third graders didn’t care, they just enjoyed the freedom and creativity. I was not like that. The perfectionist brewing inside of me would not allow me to enjoy things I could not perfect. This made me grow up thinking I was not an artist in the traditional way therefore, I did not like art. However, what I did not realize at this young age was that art was not necessarily just drawing or painting, but it came in many different forms. 

After many Christmases in a row of baking tins full of cookies with my Grandma, I began to branch out on my own. I started small by attempting to assist my mom by making dinner and uncontrollably stirring the bowls. I quickly learned that cooking is very open to interpretation and in the hands of whoever is “in charge” of the dish. I did not love that, partially because I thrive off of having instructions and partially because I am a very picky eater. So I found a middle ground, baking. My mom put a lot of faith in 11-year-old me to start making chocolate chip cookies and absolutely trash the kitchen. There were times where I got frustrated with myself because my dish did not turn out exactly how I hoped but there were also moments that made me very pleased with myself, and I could see myself growing my skills. 

As the years went on I continued to bake and it sprouted a lot of good friendships. One of my good friends and I would spend every weekend together in a flour-covered kitchen, blasting music, and experimenting with new recipes. We began to be the people everyone came to if they needed a baked good for a school fundraiser or a family event. This got our 14-year-old minds turning and we began to dream big. We thought this could turn into more than just baking for our families. We wanted to start our own business baking together. Once the idea was planted in our heads there was no turning back. We instantly got started on business cards and a social media account (no wonder I became a marketing major). We may have been slightly over our heads given we only sold about five orders, but the experience was one I will not forget. 

Despite my young, slightly crushed ambitions, I did not stop baking. I continued to grow and develop my skills. I made cakes for any holiday or birthday that I knew, and was the first to raise my hand to bake for any school event. I still keep the thought in the back of my head that my middle school dreams could become a reality. Being the head pastry chef at one of the most well-known bakeries, obviously with a couple of appearances on the Food Network. Until then, I will continue getting my business degree, and always appreciate art in its many forms, especially delicious ones!

If you are interested in learning more about baking, or just browsing some great recipes I really recommended checking out

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